Reprinted from the Boston Globe:
IT WILL FEEL like a missing tooth for navigators venturing out on Buzzards Bay this spring – the martini glass is gone.

Martini Glass

Officially called a radome on federal navigation charts, it was a large, experimental radar antenna built after World War II when radar was still young. It had little historical significance as a relic of the beginnings of the electronic age. After its useful life was over, the huge bowl of its reflector was turned straight up and locked in place; from a distance its base and stem topped by the big dish did indeed look like a goblet. It has been called the martini glass almost since then, an affectionate term undoubtedly coined by some homeward-bound sailor looking forward to an evening’s libation. It stood close to the seaward end of Round Hill Point in Padanaram Harbor, South Dartmouth.

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Short Stories:

My latest short story, “Dressing the Salad” has just been published by the Temenos Journal. Link to http://temenosjournal.com/ and go to the “Funhouse Illusions” issue. “Dressing” is about the passing of a matriarch and the odd re-framing of her extended family that resulted.

Here is another link to a short story of mine entitled “Amanda Belle” it is about an extremely beautiful boat with a deadly attraction to a certain kind of guy. It was published in the 2014 Fall issue of Temenos Journal, entitled “Myths, Monsters and Madness”. http://www.temenosjournal.com/  and go to page 51.

Yet another short story, “Old Money” is about people whose job it is to take dilapidated paper money out of circulation.  To read it, go to http://emptysinkpublishing.com/archives/issue-12/old-money/