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Leeram in Forlandia is a rare gem by Buell Hollister. It’s uncommon to get hold of such a wacky, romantic comedy with this much real historical influence. I found myself laughing my @#! off at the witty banter between Gilbert and Leeram on a regular basis. Ever new character was funnier and more interesting than the last. People like Suxie Redbone, a larger-than-life Amazon or Lisa LePage, an ex PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) member and a very supportive and likeable love interest throughout the story; or even Pericles Xerxes Pangloss… um need I say more?

I do hope this book becomes a movie or series someday. I feel that Leeram in Fordlandia is definitely set up that way. I can’t tell you who this book is mainly geared towards because I think that nearly anyone would get a kick out of it; not only that, but I think they’d learn something in the process. Thank you, Buell, for a read that felt a lot like a vacation. J.B.Maynard.


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Leeram in Fordlandia by Buell Hollister is no ordinary book. It’s a book about an unambitious coffee shop assistant in his early forties who is given a shrunken head by the widow of a recently-died collector friend of his. The head starts talking to him and away we go.
Buell Hollister’s writing crackles with an inventive and irreverent energy. He can write, he can write like hell, and he’s also extremely funny. Through everything I read the pace didn’t flag even slightly. He’s on it the whole time, like a broken electric cable whipping wildly around, buzzing and throwing off sparks. You know, like they do in bad B movies. He keeps the pace up and doesn’t let us get bored, and throws in enough irreverent asides that you just know that he’s having a whale of a time writing this.


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Leeram in Fordlandia by Buell Hollister review and author interview

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Talking shrunken heads, dead men coming back, electricity from plants, and the one and only Heny Ford as a river dolphin. These are a few of the oddities you will find in this strangely addictive book. Much like the riverboat captain in this novel, I find the concept as whole nuts but it works well. I would highly recommend it to anyone who finds the Amazon river amazing, is an environmentalist, or just wants to read the weirdest book ever.